Esquire | Craving Korean Street Food? Here’s Where to Get Odeng Without Going All the Way to Myeongdong

February 28, 2021

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One of the things we miss the most about South Korea? Their street food. Nothing beats strolling through Myeongdong on a cold winter evening and warming yourself up with hot and spicy Korean street food. But the days of international travel are still far in the future, so for now, we can satisfy our cravings the best way we know how: food.

There are an unlimited number of samgyupsal nowadays in Manila, but what do you do if you’re craving Korean street food? Head to Kraver’s Canteen, of course. The Philippine cloud kitchen has just launched a new brand, Black Kimchi, a one-stop Korean street food shop in the heart of Metro Manila.

Black Kimchi offers odeng, fish cake strips served in broth; tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes with sweet sauce; mini kimbaps, the Korean answer to Japanese sushi; and fried mandu, Korean dumplings. The online store also sells Kimchi spam bake, a spicy Korean adaptation of sushi bake, and classic Korean fried chicken in garlic (Dakgangjeong) or spicy (Yangnyeom) flavors.



Mini Kimbop

Fried Mandu

And for everyday orders, Black Kimchi has rice bowls that come in bulgogi, spicy chicken BBQ, and spicy pork BBQ orders. You can then wash it all down with Kraver’s Yakult-infused lemonade or iced tea.

Kimchi Spam Bake

Spicy Chicken BBQ Rice Bowl

You don’t have to just look at all the Korean street food being served in K-dramas. You can have it delivered straight to your home. Black Kimchi is available on Grab Food and Foodpanda, and for small gatherings or Zoom parties, you can request custom orders by e-mailing orders@kravers-canteen.com.

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